Overseas Block Islamabad: A Global Community in Park View City


 We welcome you to the Overseas Block park view city islamabad rays marketing banner

We welcome you to the Overseas Block, where life meets happiness. We have you covered when it comes to leading a beautiful and fulfilled life.
5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal Residential plots available on easy installments.

Welcome to Overseas Block Islamabad – A Global Community

Step into Overseas Block Islamabad, a unique enclave within Park View City. Designed with international residents in mind, this block offers comfort and luxury, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a global community in Islamabad.

Embrace Luxury Living at Overseas Block Islamabad

Overseas Block Islamabad offers a lifestyle of luxury and comfort. With its meticulously planned infrastructure and serene environment, it provides an ideal setting for a fulfilling life.


  1. What is Overseas Block Islamabad in Park View City?
    • Overseas Block Islamabad is a specially designed area within Park View City, catering to the needs and preferences of international residents.
  2. What amenities does Overseas Block Islamabad offer?
    • Overseas Block Islamabad offers a range of amenities designed for a luxurious lifestyle, including well-planned infrastructure and a serene environment.


  • Specially designed for international residents
  • Luxurious lifestyle and amenities
  • Serene environment with well-planned infrastructure
  • Located in Islamabad
Specially designed for international residentsMight be expensive compared to other blocks
Offers a luxurious lifestyleLimited availability of plots
Located in IslamabadMight require a higher maintenance cost

As we wrap up our exploration of the Overseas Block in Park View City, Islamabad, we encourage you to continue your journey into the world of Islamabad’s real estate. For more insights and information, you can visit external resources that provide comprehensive details about Islamabad and the exciting opportunities it offers.

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Investing in Islamabad’s real estate, particularly in unique offerings like the Overseas Block, can be a rewarding venture. We hope these resources guide you in your journey and help you make informed decisions. Remember, a global community awaits you at the Overseas Block in Park View City, Islamabad.

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