Top 10 Reasons to invest in ParkView City Islamabad


1- CDA Approved: Legality and Security Assured

Ensuring the legality of a real estate project can be a challenge in Pakistan. Thankfully, Park View City Islamabad stands out as a beacon of trust with its CDA approval, marking it as a legally recognized society. What’s more, it’s the only CDA approved society that provides plots on easy installments within Islamabad’s Zone IV.

CDA Approved - Invest in Park View City Islamabad


2- Ideal Location: The Heart of Accessibility

Nestled in an ideal location, Park View City Islamabad is just a 20-minute drive from the prestigious Serena Hotel. It’s conveniently connected to Rawal Chowk via Kuri Road, granting you easy access to Islamabad via multiple routes, including Bani Gala, Bhara Kahu, and Murree Road.

Map showing the location of Park View City Islamabad - Invest in Park View City Islamabad


3- Scenic Views: Embrace Natural Beauty

Picture living in a serene hill station, surrounded by a botanical garden. This becomes reality at Park View City Islamabad. From here, you can relish stunning views of Margala and Murree Hills.

park view city Islamabad beautiful view - Invest in Park View City Islamabad


4- Flexible Payment Plans: Catering to Your Financial Needs

Making property ownership more accessible, Park View City Islamabad offers easy installment plans. With just a 25% down payment, you can secure your dream plot and pay the rest over a comfortable 2-year period.

5- Eco-Friendly Living: Award-Winning Sustainability

Awarded the “Best Eco-Friendly Society of Pakistan” in 2021 by the UK Pakistan Business Council, Park View City Islamabad is making strides in sustainable living. The society boasts clean water with a perfect pH level of 7, free from bacterium and algae, ensuring a healthy environment for residents.

Award certificate for "Best Eco-Friendly Society of Pakistan" - Invest in Park View City Islamabad


6- Valley View Food Court: A Gastronomic Adventure

The Valley View Food Court offers a unique culinary experience, combining the city’s natural beauty with a range of delectable dining options.

Valley View Food Court - Invest in Park View City Islamabad


7- Premium Amenities: Luxury and Convenience Rolled into One

From grand mosques to sports arenas, a theme park, an IT center, an IMAX cinema, and more, Park View City Islamabad provides a host of premium amenities designed to enhance your lifestyle.

park view city amenities


8- Downtown Islamabad: Experience a Thriving Commercial Hub

Downtown Islamabad is the beating heart of Park View City. This unique commercial hub features a 100 kanal lake, dancing fountains, and a blend of modern and classic architecture. Commercial plots and wide walkways foster a self-sustaining ecosystem, providing exciting investment opportunities.



9- Rapid Development: Building Dreams into Reality

In just seven years, Park View City Islamabad has transformed dreams into reality. Having already handed over six developed blocks, including two commercial projects, more possession ceremonies are planned post Eid 2023.

10- Dancing Fountains: A Spectacular Sight to Behold

Witness the spectacle of dancing fountains right in your city. Park View City Islamabad brings this world-renowned spectacle home, enhancing the city’s charm and boosting urban tourism.

11- Secure Investment: Sleep Easy

Investing in real estate can sometimes be worrisome. However, at Park View City Islamabad, you can put those worries aside. Being a fully CDA approved society, it offers clear legal ownership and a proven track record of promises delivered.

12- High Return on Investment: Grow Your Wealth

Real estate investments in top spots like Park View City Islamabad often promise high returns. The society’s prime location, fast-paced development, and unique features make it an attractive option for property appreciation.

13- Gated Community: Safety First

Park View City Islamabad is a fully gated community, ensuring the safety and security of its residents. Thanks to a well-rounded security system in place, you can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle.

14- Quality Infrastructure: Live the Good Life

The society prides itself on its top-notch infrastructure. With wide roads, steady supply of utilities, modern waste systems, and well-kept public spaces, it’s all about superior living.

15- Community Living: Feel at Home

Park View City Islamabad is more than just a housing society – it’s a close-knit community. Regular events and activities provide ample opportunities for residents to connect and build lasting relationships.

16- Modern Architecture: Style Meets Comfort

At Park View City Islamabad, modern design shines. Each building, whether residential or commercial, blends comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. This mix of modern and traditional design offers residents a unique living environment.

17- High-Tech Facilities: Welcome to the Future

The society isn’t just about looks – it’s smart, too. With cutting-edge security systems and smart home features, Park View City Islamabad ensures a modern and convenient lifestyle for its residents.

18- Healthy Lifestyle: Live Life to the Fullest

Park View City Islamabad believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle. With plenty of green spaces, walking paths, and fitness amenities, residents can enjoy a balanced and active lifestyle.

19- Education and Healthcare: We’ve Got You Covered

The society has made sure to prioritize essential services like education and healthcare. With well-reputed schools and medical facilities right within the premises, residents have easy access to quality services.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Park View City Islamabad

CDA approved societyInitial 25% down payment required
Prime location with multiple access routesLimited availability due to high demand
Spectacular scenic views
Flexible 2-year installment plans
Awarded “Best Eco-Friendly Society of Pakistan”
Range of amenities including food court, mosque, IT center, etc.
Rapid development and possession handovers
Unique attractions like dancing fountains


  1. Is Park View City Islamabad CDA approved?
    Yes, Park View City Islamabad is a CDA approved society.
  2. What unique features does Park View City Islamabad offer?
    Park View City Islamabad offers a wide range of amenities, including a valley view food court, a grand mosque, an IT center, an IMAX cinema, a theme park, and a unique commercial hub, Downtown Islamabad, among others.
  3. Does Park View City Islamabad have installment plans for purchasing plots? Yes, Park View City Islamabad offers a flexible payment plan with a 25% down payment and a 2-year installment plan.
  4. What awards has Park View City Islamabad received?
    In 2021, Park View City Islamabad was recognized as the “Best Eco-Friendly Society of Pakistan” by the UK Pakistan Business Council.

For more information on the society’s features and investment opportunities, feel free to contact us.

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