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An Epitome Of Beauty


A beautiful home is usually the first concern, but security second. Earlier generations lived in a very safe environment where people used to move around freely, but now it is difficult to find a place where children can play unsupervised. Green nourishes the mind and soul, but which park can we trust to send our children and seniors? All these worries have stopped the important activities that used to be a part of our daily lives.

We are surrounded by so many environmental problems like the depletion of the ozone layer, toxic gases surround us affecting our physical and mental health, the availability of water is considered Pakistan as a water scarcity country and the water reservoirs are continuously decreasing.

In the midst of all these problems, Parkview, a housing association with the slogan “A paradise on earth”, has come forward to offer people an ideal environment that aims to solve all these problems.

CDA Approved City Parkview is a closed company with 24/7 security system, the company has installed multiple surveillance cameras for security and is also fully monitored, which comprehensively addresses the most important matters. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a safe environment?

Park View City Islamabad Rays Marketing An Epitome Of Beauty

Global warming and the increase in the greenhouse effect have affected the atmosphere all over the world, and Pakistan is one of the countries that has suffered the most. With that in mind, the City of Parkview has increased the planting and vegetation on its land to ensure a fresh and bright environment for its worthy residents.

Additionally, Parkview is surrounded by a lush green botanical garden that spans 725 hectares of land. Society has tried its best to maintain the natural contours. The society temperature is 2-3 degrees lower than the normal temperature of main Islamabad.

Another interesting factor that makes it unique is the higher probability of precipitation than the main Islamabad.

Parkview City managed a lake on one of the company’s blocks and some fountains were built to add to the beauty.

To address the water situation, the City of Parkview will provide its residents with clean water to meet all their needs as the process of manufacturing reservoirs containing 2,50,000 gallons of water is underway.
Load shedding is unknown to any of us, Parkview is building its own electrical grid to make society a load shedding zone. Not forgetting that the entire electrical installation is underground and you hardly see a cable hanging here. Isn’t it amazing? That’s it.

The Turkish style mosque is under construction and will be completed soon, this will surely be an attraction not only for the society residents but for everyone.

It would be so unfair, not to mention the company’s centralized commercial project, which will be based on the downtown Dubai model with outlets for all nationally and internationally recognized brands and a cinema. The commercial zone was designed to serve the population of 1 million inhabitants.

With all these facilities, security and protection, a healthy environment, population and free area for customs clearance. Is there any other place you would like to go?
I bet not.

And did you see the width of the MAIN ACCESS ROUTE? Well you should, the main access road to the company is 200 feet wide and the roads inside the company are 50 feet wide. So what are you waiting for? Book the property and realize your dream as soon as possible.

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