Islamabad mega projects and their impact on the city of Islamabad.


Islamabad is an icon of Pakistan when it comes to urban planning and infrastructure. With increasing rush hours and congestion, the city and government decided to launch mega projects that could help the city flow more smoothly. This will not only add beauty to the city, it will also help ease traffic.

The Rawal-Lake Bridge project will also have a significant impact on our society as residents will not face traffic or congestion issues. This will help reduce the time between the society and Rawal Chowk. The Korang Bridge will be the icing on the cake. The CDA recently unveiled its master plan, which will extend all roads connecting our society by up to 30 meters. This now makes Park View City Islamabad a perfect place to reside and invest.

Park View City Islamabad recently launched 3.5 marla


Park View City Islamabad recently released 3.5 marla. It has a 2.5 year payment plan and the reserve is only 7 lac.

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